Hannah & Jon

We met up with Hannah and Jon in Madison for their engagement session and we knew their wedding day was going to be one to remember. These two have a way of bringing about joy, their hearts are filled with love and faith is at the core of their relationship. We joined these two lovebirds for some getting ready pictures and instantly adored their wedding party. They were the perfect mix of fun, sarcasm, and pride that their friends were about to get married. 

The day was a storybook wedding, Hannah's uncle designed and decorated everything so well that we ran around like mad men just trying to capture all of it's beauty and attention to detail.

The day even brought on a little rain shower for good luck! When speeches took place, the day transcended, it was as if the night had stopped, a room full of people came to a complete silence as the best, heartfelt and tear jerking stories poured out one after another. I even cried just hearing the words shared about these two.

The party quickly picked back up and the dance floor filled. These people knew how to dance!

Thank you Hannah and Jon, we had an absolute blast spending the day with you and can't say enough about how wonderful you two are.