Eden | Newborn

Eva and Chris are dear friends of ours and have recently brought a beautiful baby girl into their lives. Meet Eden, this little bundle of joy reminded us of just how tiny newborns truly are! She was a trooper through her photo shoot, and as all babies do, she ate, slept, and even passed a little wind mid shoot :)

Thanks for choosing us Eva and Chris, we love you guys and are so happy for the three of you... and Vegas too of course!

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Erin | Senior 2017

Oh Erin, how you've grown to become an amazing young woman! Erin is our niece and she's absolutely incredible. She's the oldest child in her family and is setting a great example for the rest. She's smart, kind, hard working and fun!

Not only is Erin our niece but she's our god-child as well, so excuse us as we cry our eyes out while this sweet girl prepares for her final year. 

We love you Erin and thanks for picking us as your Senior photographers!

Sawyer | Senior 2017

Sawyer is an early riser! We had him out and about taking photos at 6:30 to get just the right lighting. But he's a runner, so 6:30 to him is normal. Sawyer was a quite guy for most of his session, but we joked around just enough to get him to smile and relax. This rustic outdoor location worked perfect for us!

Thanks for choosing us Sawyer!

Raiven | Senior 2017

Hello Raiven! This young lady has some style and personality!  Seriously, her jackets, dresses, jewelry, shirts, and shoes we're magnificent. We had an absolute ball hanging out with you Raiven and are thrilled with your photos.

Thanks for choosing us Raiven!