Taylor & Coyle

Soooo if there was ever a wedding that Jeremy geeked out at, it was this one, and not just because Coyle is a cousin, but because it was Harry Potter inspired! Taylor brought out her inner nerd and helped transport family and friends straight into Hogwarts. It was... well, you guessed it, MAGICAL! From Gringotts bars of gold, to a Honeydukes treat table, plus tables literally lined with pages and pages of Harry Potter, candles, books, potion bottles, and keys.  

Taylor and Coyle we can't thank you enough for having us as your photographers. You two are beyond adorable and we love you guys!

After all this time? Always.

Tara & Jeremy

We joined Tara and Jeremy at SentryWorld on probably one of the coldest winter days we've had in a while. But the party must go on, and did it ever! Tara and Jeremy are surrounded by family and friends who LOVE to party. Tara and Jeremy shared letters before the ceremony, which just happens to bring the water works for all of us!

Despite the chilly day, we headed outside for some photos and proved that in Wisconsin, we celebrate ALL seasons, with a little alcohol of course.

Congrats you two!

Rachel & Cj

Hello 50 degrees in March! Only in Wisconsin would we consider that a T-shirt wearing kind of day. Rachel and Cj (who happens to have a great name :) ) took us to the SpringWater Volunteer Bridge and it was INCREDIBLE. We chatted with these two throughout their session as if we had known each other for years. Rachel and Cj, you two are kind and easy going people and we can't wait to capture your big day in September.

Eden | Newborn

Eva and Chris are dear friends of ours and have recently brought a beautiful baby girl into their lives. Meet Eden, this little bundle of joy reminded us of just how tiny newborns truly are! She was a trooper through her photo shoot, and as all babies do, she ate, slept, and even passed a little wind mid shoot :)

Thanks for choosing us Eva and Chris, we love you guys and are so happy for the three of you... and Vegas too of course!

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