Dana & Chris

Hello sunshine! Dana and Chris shared their story with all their guests in the beautiful outdoors at The Green Bay Botanical Gardens. The folks that run that place sure know a thing or two about plants! Every turn was more stunning than the last, blooms, blossoms, butterflies, oh my.

Dana and Chris came to us through a mutual friend (who we also had the pleasure of photographing). We're so glad they did, because these two are so madly in love. Dana and Chris's personalities are refreshing. Down to their core, they are great people; they're genuine, kind, and full of life.

From the Botanical Gardens we ventured on to The Marq. Here is where the party came to life! Their family and friends filled the hall with laughs, tears of joy, kissing and straight up partying on the dance floor.

Congrats Dana and Chris, we can't thank you enough for letting us be a part of your remarkable day.