Brei & Lars

Brei and Lars - these two, they are something else. Their energy is contagious. We've never experienced such kindness and warmth in a couple before. When we met with Brei while she was getting ready, it was like connecting with an old friend, she instantly made you feel welcomed. The same with Lars, when Jeremy entered the hotel room, it was "hellos" and hugs. We've been photographing weddings for eight years now, and couples like these two don't come by very often. You know from the second you see them together, that they were meant to be. Brei's face lights up with a smile when she see Lars, and he gets this spark in his eye that shows you how truly happy he is to see her.

Together they read their vows under the big oaks on Swamp Lovers Reserve. It was serene, as the winds rustled the grasses, oak branches swayed, grasshoppers hummed, and the skies clouded us from the sun. 

Brei and Lars, you really are an inspiring couple. We cannot thank you enough for selecting us as your photographers. We'll remember your day for many years to come. You are surrounded by love and it shows.