2012 | A Year in Review

What a splendid year 2012 has proven to be! To say we are blessed doesn’t even to begin to sum it up. We started Cj PHOTOGRAPHY nearly four years ago and have shared so many remarkable memories and moments with people from all over Wisconsin. Just in 2012 alone we have so many memories to cherish and so many wonderful people to thank for their trust in us! We’ve made friends along the way, captured memories in the moment, shared countless laughs, seen people get engaged, married, start families and begin their next journey in life. This rewarding year we captured 22 remarkable weddings, dozens of engagement sessions, oodles of beautiful maternity, newborn to one year, family and senior sessions.

We’ve even captured the little moments and details that so often go unnoticed including a bride opening a gift from a soon to be husband that he so tenderly wrapped in notebook paper and staples, to dads tearing up as they got to see their beautiful daughters for the first time on their big day, to kids sticking their tongues out at us during family pictures when mom and dad weren’t looking, to a couple who shared laughs with their congregation as they tried with all their might to light their unity candle. We have even shared those tender moments when proud grandparents and parents shed tears of joy as they hugged and kissed the newlyweds.

Because of our astounding 2012 clients and their families and friends, we will always remember to: share our Cheetos, run like the wind when faced with a swarm of bees, show off our dance moves whenever possible, and cherish every little moment we have with those that are near and dear to our hearts.

We cannot WAIT to see what 2013 brings! Enjoy some of our favorite moments and little details from each of our sessions this past year! J Words cannot express how much we love our job!

Now onto the pictures! Enjoy, as there are a lot of them!